Blunt | Metro UV Umbrella | Tropical Breeze

Blunt | Metro UV Umbrella | Tropical Breeze
Blunt | Metro UV Umbrella | Tropical Breeze
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Blunt | Metro UV Umbrella | Tropical Breeze


Rain or shine, the BLUNT UV umbrella is your year-round defence against the elements.


Featuring a remarkable 50 + UPF rating, the fabric of the umbrella effectively blocks 99% of ultra-violet light, ensuring you remain protected against harmful rays while basking in the cool, shaded relief it provides during the summer heat.


And when the weather takes a turn for the colder and wetter, the BLUNT UV umbrella keeps you dry without compromising on style or functionality.


It conveniently fits in your handbag, tote, or backpack so you’re always prepared, whatever the weather.


An auto-open button pops open the canopy for instant coverage at your fingertips. Built with unique 360° spinning technology, the Metro’s canopy is designed to elegantly handle knocks when navigating narrow spaces.


Open Diameter 100 cm

Closed Length 37.5 cm

Weight 385g


About Blunt

BLUNT is a human-centred product design company.

Blunt comes from a long line of entrepreneurial Kiwis shapes by our unique place, Aotearoa New Zealand, who have an edge that can only come from the edge of the world. Where distance and separation push self-sufficiency and a new way of thinking. It’s a DNA that pushes us to brave new ways.

Their vision is to create products better than those that came before. Products built to last that are modular and repairable. Products that will be with you for life if they are cared for, trusted and respected, and in return will provide you with joy and confidence during life’s vulnerable moments.

Greig Brebner, founder and constantly curious character, grew up with his dad’s workshop as his playground – the perfect stage to bring his ideas to life.

Greig dreamed of creating a ground-breaking product, the very best of its kind with genuine purpose and heart, that people would grow to love. The idea came to him on the rainy streets of London where he found himself adrift amongst a sea of umbrellas, difficult to navigate through and a source of great frustration for many.

"I wanted to create something that would make people's lives better. Something that would stand the test of time, and as any inventors have done in the past, find the answer to a puzzle." Greig Brebner

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