Tram I Am Scarf

Tram I Am Scarf
Tram I Am Scarf
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Otto & Spike Tram I Am Wool Scarf


The W class tram, Melbourne born and bred!


Our streets were once filled with the whirring and distinctive ‘bing-bing’ sounds of these passenger movers. Starting out in 1923 and being the conduit Melbourne tram for 60 years, there were many varieties of the W class tram, working from W through to the W8 model. These trams were removed from our streets from time to time, due to ineffective brakes, lights etc. On each occasion, the community banded together to bring them back. Over the years, we have watched the W class tram numbers slowly diminish, across our Melbourne tramways. 752 of these trams were built; today less than 40 are operational in Melbourne. You can take a free trip on a W Class tram in the heart of our city, on the City Circle Tram. Hop on and take a ride down Memory Lane (or Flinders Street at least).


Made from 100% Merino Extrafine wool.


Designed and knitted in Melbourne, Australia.


Colour: Available in Black, Blue, Green or Red

Size: 180cm x 18cm

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